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Dark Days 2017

Nick Armstrong Def Cadie Tré

The Parea Def Kurt Baron & Vale Tudo Jr

Tony Toro Def Tuffy Calhoon
Dean Brady Def Luke Santamaria in a Captaincy vs Career match

Davey Green Def James Kray

The Rude One's Def Savage Gentlemen in a losing team disbands match

Grimm Def Zak Sabbath

Nick Armstrong Pinned Grimm after cashing in the Key to the City, becoming the New RCW champion

Key To The City 2017


Tony Torry Def Tuffy Calhoon

Tyler Daniels Def Bulldog

Cassy Johns Def Izzy Shaw

Nick Armstrong Def Cadie Tré, Dean Brady and Adam Brooks

The Parea Def World Class Chros Basso and Davie Green

Rocky Manero Def Kurt Barron

Zak Vs Grimm ended up in a  a no DQ

Live #30


Gabriel Aeros Def Carlos Diaz

Tyler Dannles Def Eli theseus
Cadie Tré & Izzy Shaw Def Bulldog and Venus

Nick Armstrong and Grimm Def Dean Brady & James Keay

Big Steen Def Chris Basso

Strength 2017


Nick Armstrong Def Brodie Marshall

Cadie Tre won the Battle Royall

Zak Sabbath Def Eli Theseus
Matt Grimm Basso Def Adam Brooks

Rude Ones Def Word class Green Lanturns

Savage Gentlemen Def Rudeones to become the new Tag Team Champions

Zak Sabbath Def Nick Armstrong to become the Strength Cup holder
Demi Bennett Def Kellyanne and remains the RCW Women's champion

Live #29


Eli Theseus Def Luke Santamaria 

Big Brodie Marshall Def Gabriel Aeros

Zak Sabbath Def Jonny Hope

Nick Armstrong Def  Davie Green
Casey John Def Josie

Kurt Baron Def Carlos Diaz

Matt Grim Basso Def Marvel,James Kray, Cadie Tré

Megaslam 2017


Zak Sabbath Def Cadie Tré

Big Brodie Marshall Def Vale Tudo Jr

Tyler Danniels Def Nick Armstrong

The Peria Def the Flip Brothers

The Rude ones Def The Bruserweights

Cassie Johns Def Indi Hartwell

Davie Green, Matt Grimm Basso & Chris Basso Def the Millennials 



Dean Brady Def Gabriel Aeros

 Eli Theseus Def Carlos Diaz

 Casey Johns Def Aria Grace & Savannah Summers

 Kurt Baron Def Big Steen

James Kray Def Johnny Hope

The Rude Ones Def Davey Green and Cadie Tré

Reanimated 2017 


Nick Armstrong Def Kurt Baron

Zak Sabbath Def Sadakone

Tony Toro Def James Kray

Adam Brooks and Cadie Tré Def Big Brody Marshall & Tyler Danniels via count out

Demi Bennett Def Casey Johns

The Rude Ones Def the Parea Grimm Def Dean Brady via disqualification due to interference from the MILLENNIALS

Battle for Supremacy 2016


Cadie Tre def. Davey Green and Tony Toro [3-Way Dance]

The Parea (def. The Bruiserweights 

Nick Armstrong def. James Kray

"The Difference" Tyler Daniels def. Big Steen

Zak Sabbath def. Adam Brooks

Matt "Grimm" Basso def. "Big" Brodie Marshall and Dean Brady to become the new RCW Champion

[3 Way Hardcore War]

City Chicks live 


Kellyanne def. Amity Row

The 'A' List  def. Izzy Shaw

Josie & Tarlee The Floozies def. Bianka & Indi Hartwell

Kellyanne won a Rumble to become the #1 Contender for the RCW Women's Championship

Demi Bennett def. Casey Johns to retain the RCW Women's Championship

Key to The City 2016


Bestos  def. The Bruiserweights  [RCW Tag Team Tournament - Semi Final]

The Rude Ones  def. Light Speed Express ( [RCW Tag Team Tournament - Semi Final]

''Big'' Brodie Marshall def. Tony Toro

''The Difference'' Tyler Daniels def. Cadie Tre, Davey Green and Zak Sabbath to win the 2016 Key to the City [Ladder Match]

Demi Bennett def. Quinn  and Savannah Summers to become the new RCW Women's Champion

 Dean Brady  vs. Matt ''Grimm'' Basso after Brodie Marshall attacked both men [#1 Contenders Match]

The Rude Ones  def. Bestos to become the inaugural RCW Tag Team Champions [RCW Tag Team Tournament - Final]

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