Ultimatum 2016 - RiotCityWrestling

Ultimatum 2016

June 2016


• Matt ''Grimm'' Basso def. ''The Playmaker'' Luke Santamaria

• Green Smash def. Kurt Baron

• The 4 Nations (Jessica Troy & Mick Moretti) def. Demi Bennett & Jett Armstrong following interference from Zak Sabbath

• RCW Women’s Champion Miss Fortune vs. Savannah Summers ended in a double disqualification 

• Tag Team Gauntlet a. Eli Theseus & def. The Millenials b. Andy ''Voodoo'' Roy & Zak Sabbath def. Eli Theseus & Sadakon count out c. Chomp N' Charge def. Andy ''Voodoo'' Roy & Zak Sabbath d. The Rude Ones (Bulldog McKenzie & Marvel) def. Chomp N' Charge to win the Gauntlet

• ''Big'' Brodie Marshall def. ''The Fastest Man Alive'' Brad Smyth to regain the RCW Championship.

Ultimatum 2016

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